My name is Iličić Radoslav, born 26. 09. 1972 in Novi Sad, Serbia. I live and work in village Bukovac, near Novi Sad.
With blacksmith started in 2004. Back than I had some basic knowledge gained from various books and from learned blacksmiths.

As time went, I practiced, gained experience required for crafting quality knives.
Damascus steel attracted me very much, and as in Serbia there's no blacksmith who crafts damascus, I started learning and experimenting with it. I was very pleased with first results, and that gave me strength to keep going with it. About year ago I was able to forge quality damascus blades, since then I'm constantly working on improving quality, aesthetics and technology of forging.


Also my beginnings were tied with making knives from stainless steel, with which I achieved really good quality.
Work continues, results will be constantly updated...